Omar Bakry


My Statement


Omar Bakry is not defined by any one culture. Born in Egypt,
raised in Sweden, attending college in Cairo, and now living in
Brooklyn, N.Y. he brings a global fusion to history, the nature of
conflict, and a hard earned awareness of the fragility and toughness
of the human condition.

         Throughout his plays, graphic novels, and drawings there is a
unifying axis that moves around the complexity of conflict, with
a clear realization that motivations, blame or resolution is neither
simplistic nor predictable.

          Bakry is a non-traditional storyteller who infuses a deep
compassion in all of his work. The “story” he tells is not about
one people, rather it is about creating openings and spaces to view
events, history, and strife from new and innovative directions. His
word does not tell an old story in new ways, nor does it tell a new
story in old ways, rather he is telling a new story.